How to turn off automatic media downloading in Signal for mobile

Signal has grown rapidly, the instant messaging app that offers features like WhatsApp and Telegram with features of encryption and security for its users. For those of you who have started using the Signal app, you may have found that the media is downloaded automatically to your smartphone and this will result in storage consumption. If you are running out of storage and want to stop downloading photos and videos automatically, you can just turn it off. Here’s how.

How to turn off automatic media downloading in Signal

Disabling automatic media downloads can be useful if your smartphone has little available storage space. It also gives you the power to control which media you want to download, if you have multiple chats and groups with lots of photos and videos shared, and you don’t actually want to download them, keep uploading manually to save space. storage.

For me, I keep it and only download the media I want on my phone, not just here, but on other platforms like WhatsApp. So, to turn off automatic media downloading, follow these steps on your smartphone.

Step 1: Start the Signal app on your smartphone and press your profile icon at the top left to enter the Signal Parameters.

2nd step: Press on Data and storage from the settings menu.


Step 3: On the next screen under the Automatic media download, tap the desired option, When using mobile data, When using Wi-Fi, and or Roaming.

Step 4: Underneath, uncheck the boxes that you don’t want to download automatically.


Now go back to the chat screen and see if you have received any photos or media, it will not be downloaded automatically, you have to manually press the download button to save it to your phone.

This is how you can turn off automatic media downloads in Signal. Also check out other signal guides below.

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